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Collector Solar device Hot water storage tank Package combi heater

This MsWindows program generates documentation, as required by the European regulations on Eco design and energy label (CDR 811/2013, CDR 812/2013 en CDR 814/2013). The software is espacially suited for solar thermal suppliers and system integrators.
Documentation is generated for a:
- solar device (technical document and product fiche)
- hot water storage tank (technical document, product fiche and label)
- package for hot water (technical document, product fiche and label)
- package for combination heater (technical document, product fiche and label for boiler and heat pump)

The software is supplied, in the English and Dutch language, together with a user manual, that clearly describes how to use the software, which data is needed and how to get that data.

By clicking the following link, you can request a demonstration version of the program. Not all functions are available, but you should be able to get a good impression of the applicability of the program in your organisation.
...Request for a demonstration version

The price for the software is E 1000,- excluding VAT. This price includes all regular updates during one year.
With an extra service contract (E 250,- per year) you count on all important updates in case of changes in the implementation of the regulations (e.g. new harmonised standards).

You can buy a licence for the software by clicking the following link:
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You can visit the user forum ...Link to the user forum
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