The SolTherm, an implementation of two CEN EPBD standards: EN 15316-4-3 method 3 and EN 15316-6, is an simulation model of a solar thermal system. The inputs for the calculation are extracted from the Solar Keymark datasheets. The software demonstrates the potential of the methods in the standards for building regulations and is allowed for application in the Solar Keymark certification scheme.

The software is developed commissioned by the Solar Keymark Network and funded by the Solar Keymark Certification Fund.
The latest version of SolTherm can be downloaded through the following link: ...Download SolTherm

The final report is available: ...Download final report

Version history:
- 17.01.2019 V
Issue with different cultures on installated computer solved
!! Be aware !! Always use the 'DOT' as decimal separator.
- 03.01.2019 V
Issue error with new system
- 25.09.2017 V
Help file included, accessable through the menu
- 19.09.2017 V
The first broadly distrbuted version. The model supplied with 8 solar thermal systems showing the validation results against TRNSYS.